BIO - John W. Bailey Jr. aka JSolo55

Who & What I Am.

What's this all about? 
Hello my friend,
I hope to ensure that you get a general overview of who I am and what I do. First though, a little bit about who I am.
I am John W. Bailey Jr. aka SuperMayne Productions (SMP). Back in the day, I was the drummer of a blues/r&b/funk band named "The Mighty Forces" from Chicago, IL. We had moderate success doing gigs regionally at night clubs, colleges, community events, and receptions. After many years, I had to surrender to the realities and real responsibilities of life (working and raising children). After many years away from my passion (Music), I had to make a comeback. My passion for music was just too overwhelming. I returned, but not in a band setting. I chose a different and more personal path. I always put in the time and effort, as well as utilizing the knowledge, skill & talent gifted to me by the Almighty! I am now what I call an Independent Artist-pernurer. Composing, instrumentation, vocals, lyrics, arranging, mixing, mastering and producing my own original & unique style of music. This is what I do. My music is primarily: funk, jazz, and fusion. Yet, I also produce alternative genre and styles. The finished product of my endeavors is in MP3 file format. I have a personal/business website, to further my quest for real success in the music arena. Visitors are able to listen to and/or purchase Digital single or album MP3 music. If you are still here reading this message, then it suggest to me that you have  interest in what I do. I get to continue my quest in becoming the best musical artist that I can possibly be.
I truly appreciate you and wish you the finest that life has to offer. Thank you so much!
Anyway, that's the gist of things. Please don't hesitate in continuing to listen to my music and by passing/sharing the word to all the people that you know. You also are able to purchase music and donate to my website.  & donations are accepted via
Each one, can help one! Let's share with each other. I thank you in advance for visiting my music website, please remember that I love you and remain happy & blessed. You are AWESOME!...SMP/JSolo55