1. On The Move

From the recording Figure It Out

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Greetings,"On the move" is an layed back, easy, medium tempo, cool and fun instrumental song. It was composed in an original and unique style derived by John W. Bailey Jr. of SuperMayne Productions (all rights reserved!). The genre consist of Jazz/Fusion, yet I dabble with other genres here and there. All of my music is
developed this way. Most of my songs are instrumental, but I also compose vocal recordings from time to time. The musical elements are created and produced by me.
Inspiration is simply from my concepts, ideas, life experiences and devine, inspirational favor. I possess a phetera of completed songs (approaching 300 or so songs). I have been involved with music for a very, very long time (about 50 yrs). It has and still is being heard Globally. Enjoying this song? It is available for purchase at: https://httpsupermayneproductions.com/home - Thank you and remain blessed...John W. Bailey Jr. aka JSolo55 - I'm looking forward to your interest, participation, and support. I appreciate and
thank you so much in advance for your participation, "It Does Matter". Please enjoy, purchase and remain coll & blessed! ...John W. Bailey Jr. aka JSolo55